Terms of service

Our lawyer hasn't looked at this yet, and we don't speak legalese. Basically, you using this site mean you agree to play by our rules. We're not offering services or products that are not explicitly represented on this website. As stated in our privacy policy, any information you provide (except credit / debit card information) can be stored and used to help better our site, future marketing, and your experience as a consumer. Your use of this site also indicates understanding of and consent to all of our return and exchange policies.


Products shipped to customers will be as close as possible to the articles represented on this website, but as all products are handmade, and therefore unique, slight variation is possible within reason. As we offer free replacement for 15 days, any dissatisfaction stemming from this minute variation can and will be remedied by way of return or exchange within the confines of our return policy.


Please read all of our terms before using our site. If you don't agree to these terms, please do not use our service. Your use of this site and our services indicates expressed understanding and agreement to all terms and conditions.


I feel like I've already said that, but it's the most lawyery phrase I can think of, and I'm trying to cover our bases. Oh, and usage of "we", "us", "our", and similar words are used in reference to Nomad Health Limited, including our brands, SuperGrain Artisan Pasta & SuperSeed Artisan Pasta. Please don't sue us.