Become a Nomad Health Affiliate

Become a Nomad Health affiliate and share the rewards of our growing, health food brand. Earn money with the Nomad Health partner programme by advertising nutritious food: pasta and other amazing  food products we are bringing to our customers. 

About Nomad Health and Our Mission

  • Nomad Health is an artisan gluten free pasta maker focusing on nutrition and health benefits 
  • Nomad Health aims to provide each and every household with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, gluten free home-cooked pasta meals with no hassle
  • Behind the scenes, we are working with great artisan brands, healthy food manufacturers and we want to disrupt the stagnant, old fashioned and boring pasta market 
  • Nomad Health is getting noticed more and more disrupting a multi million pound industry at the very beginning of its online transition.

Earn Money

Add value to your website and generate additional revenue by becoming a Nomad Health affiliate. Every time a visitor to your site buys from us, you earn commission on the sale. It's FREE to join and only requires you to put a link from your website to ours. As a Nomad Health affiliate, you will earn commission on every sale, 20% of the order value in commission on all sales (excluding delivery) generated from your website. In some special cases, we may be able to offer commission increases in exchange for increased exposure.

Key Benefits

    • 20% commission on all sales of the order value in commission on all sales generated
    • Exclusive time limited offers for your followers and readers
    • 60 day cookie period (you get paid for all sales in 60 days period)
    • Daily product data feed update
    • No monthly targets to achieve, simply join and start earning
    • Fantastic range of creative for you to use onsite
    • Average order value of around £25
    • Regular Affiliate Payments - Monthly commission payments 
    • A dedicated point of contact to help you with any problems you may encounter.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can become a Nomad Health affiliate. Your site must be entirely reputable and we reserve the right to decline any application which we feel is unsuitable. We request that affiliates do not bid on our brand name ‘Nomad Health' typos of our brand name or variations that include ‘.uk’ or typos of that.

How Do I Join?

Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward.
  • Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward.
  • Apply to join the Nomad Health Affiliate Programme:
  • Please do not hesitate to contact Marianna should you require any further information: