Foods Matter Review of a selection of our pastas

This week we received the review for the amazing Food Matters editors. We were quite anxious as this review meant a lot to us, we hoped to impress the panel of judges. Please find below couple of thoughts from them: 

SuperSeed Green Banana: this one was a couple of the team's favourite variety - possibly because it is made from green bananas! But there was no taste of bananas at all... It cooked perfectly in the 7 minutes recommended, held together very well and is a lovely pale not-quite-green colour.

SuperSeed Flaxseed: this pasta produces a bowl of wonderfully glossy dark brown fusilli spirals, perfect for a creamy white sauce as demonstrated below. Again, this holds together very well indeed, and produces a lovely fusilli with a firm bite. There is interestingly no hint of flaxseed flavour or texture in the pasta. 

SuperGrain Sorghum: This very fine-looking pasta is textured so that it feels very slightly crunchy as you eat it! I'm not sure whether this is the grape seed flour or the psyllium husk, but it is very welcome in a pasta, which also looks like the pasta equivalent of the red raccoon! Fantastic and robust, with a sharp, grassy aftertaste, this would combine well with a strong-flavoured sauce, a Puttanesca perhaps.

You can read full review here:


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